IT Specialist


Reference: 8339 - IT Specialist


This position is a  voluntary missionary placement , not a job advertisement

Career: Technical Services  
Length of Service: One to two years 


Did you know that computer expertise is needed in missions? Has God gifted you with these abilities? You might consider using your talents here in Malawi.

SIM Malawi is striving to impact the HIV/AIDS crisis as one of our strategic priorities. We collaborate with Partners in Hope (PIH), a medical clinic focused on HIV and AIDS patients.

As an IT specialist, you will help PIH in their record-keeping and in the effectiveness of their patient care by setting up and maintaining computer systems in a secure, cost-effective way.

You will redesign the existing set-up and install an HIV/AIDS patient-tracking package, specific to Africa and customised for Partners in Hope's needs. You will manage the Billing package, the care of Windows PCs and laptops, improve Internet access and the internal phone system, and hire and train a full-time IT specialist to replace you. You will give advice about electronic medical equipment, research and purchase hardware and software, and train the PIH staff. Even after leaving, you will give some continued support to the person you have trained.

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