Research Nurse


Reference: 8293 - Research Nurse


This position is a  voluntary missionary placement , not a job advertisement

Career: Medical and Health Ministry  
Length of Service: More than two years 


Are you a nurse with an analytical mind? Would you let God use that gift in missions? There is an opportunity right here in Malawi.

Data management and programme evaluation are important aspects of quality care. Since antiretroviral-therapy provision in resource-limited settings is a recent development, there are still many unanswered questions about optimal diagnosis and management of HIV/AIDS patients.

Partners in Hope has a growing patient base with a vast amount of data collected. Thus far, we have not had an electronic data-management system to compile and report these data. As a research nurse, you would help develop our research strategy, develop tools for collecting, analysing, and reporting on such data, and in implementing a programme for quality improvement within the clinic and community programmes.

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