Personnel Coordinator



This position is a voluntary missionary placement , not a job advertisement

Length of Service: More than 2 years 
Priority: Urgent 


Are you gifted in administration and member care? SIM Malawi has chosen to emphasize "Developing Missionaries" as one of our areas of strategic priority. As Personnel Coordinator, you will play a key role in carrying out this priority.

Your primary task is to provide leadership and administrative coordination for all matters concerning the placement and well-being of missionary personnel in Malawi: You will develop good personnel placements, handle all personnel matters to and from the International Office and the Sending Offices, and provide orientation for new arrivals. You will play a key role in preparing and carrying out contingency plans, handling crisis, ensuring that good, healthful MK education is available, working with the Field Health Coordinator in all aspects of missionary health care, and ensuring that policies particular to the Malawi Field are communicated to International and Sending Offices. You will prepare and provide Spiritual Life Conferences, pastoral care, and continuing education opportunities for our missionaries.

And if that's not enough . . .

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