Member Care Coordinator


Reference: 8376 - Member Care Coordinator


This position is a  voluntary missionary placement , not a job advertisement

Career: Business Ministries/Administration/Leadership

Length of Service: More than two years 

Has God called you to pastoral or counselling ministry? If our missionary personnel are not well taken care of, their effectiveness in ministry is diminished. SIM Malawi has chosen to emphasise the development of missionaries as one of our areas of strategic priority.

A Member Care Co-ordinator fulfills a key role in caring for the well-being and development of the team by visiting missionaries regularly, praying for them, providing pastoral care, and mentoring them for spiritual and personal growth. He/she will provide practical and personal support for missionaries during crises, handle problems in a biblical way in accordance with established SIM policies and procedures, keep SIM International and relevant offices informed of all appropriate incidents, provide opportunities for fellowship and prayer, and co-ordinate visits from the International Pastoral Team as needed. Will you serve God in this way here in Malawi?        

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