The life changing impact of Sports Ministry


Dickson Gayesi is Chairman of the Youth Department at EBCM, and also coach to a team of 43 young people. He tells the story of how Sports Ministry has changed the life of a Muslim boy and his family


At first it was difficult for him to understand things, as he was coming from a Muslim background and I am a Christian. So I started praying for him and with him and also doing Bible Study. After a while, we were meeting regularly and he was greatly affected by the love he got from the coaches as we travelled to many places and shared the Word of God.

One day he promised to come to church. I thought he was just coming to play football but he came to the service. That Sunday, the church welcomed him and were surprised because they did not think that a Muslim could come from the Mosque to a church service on a Sunday.

Teaching to pray

We continued to work with him and to teach him how to pray on his own. We were investing in his life.

Eventually he joined the youth choir, and soon after that was baptised into the church.

So the church received him and after a while decided it would be good to go and visit the house of the parents of the boy.

After this, his parents got interested in what we had done with the boy and the love shown to him by the coaches.  They began to see how wonderful that was.

Soon after, the father and mother decided to follow the boy to see what was happening.

The miracle happened

Then, one of the family members became sick and I and the boy arranged to go to the house of the sick person where we prayed for them. Then the miracle happened and they got better. It was amazing to them all.

So they requested that I and others should go to the house and spend time with them, teaching them some things about the Word of God.

One day some of the family came and said they had made up their minds and that they wanted to join the church and be part of the fellowship.

Dickson’s church in Nampeya village, which was so welcoming (picture: Daniel Chang)

Impact on the church family

Many people did not believe what had happened, that a family could change like that from being Muslims to being Christians. It is an amazing thing that now they are part of the church.

This testimony has strengthened my life; I didn’t expect a Muslim to come to church. This has given me more energy and has given me more power to keep praying, to keep on doing ministry through sports because it has proved it can work.