A New Season for Youth Ministry


There have been some significant changes in youth ministry recently. A change in personnel is perhaps the biggest, as SIM Malawi Youth Ministry Co-ordinator, Pete Ong, explains

The partnership between SIM Malawi and the Africa Evangelical Church (AEC), in terms of its work with young people, has undergone some changes in recent months. Perhaps the biggest is the appointment of a new National Youth Ministry Co-ordinator by the AEC.

Changing relationships

Since he arrived in Malawi to take up this work, Pete Ong, SIM Malawi’s Youth Ministry Co-ordinator, has built up a strong working relationship with Revd Chisoni Bridge who held a similar role within the AEC.

Now Revd Bridge has been moved to a new role of church planting for the AEC, and MacDonald Chiutale - a former secondary school teacher, who specifically trained at Bible college during his teaching years in order to ultimately move into full-time ministry within the church - has been appointed as AEC’s National Youth Co-ordinator. 

New strengths and gifts

Pete and MacDonald

“Things are going well,” he said. “Each person is different, and MacDonald comes in with his own strengths and his own gifts. We are in a new season of Youth Ministry; MacDonald comes on board at a good time and is able to build on the foundations laid by his predecessors.”

MacDonald has some exciting new ideas which he is bringing to the work, not least making sure that the youth of AEC are better able to lead, and understand how to lead Bible Studies.

“I want the youth to know how to go about doing Bible Study,” he said.


SIM Malawi/AEC youth work is supported by SIM Malawi project  MW 96658

Youth Ministry Capacity BuildingYou can find out more about Youth Ministry by watching the “New Season for Youth Ministry” video by clicking here.

“At the moment, I am planning on publishing a book which is a guide to Bible Study. My hope is to involve 12 AEC Pastors who will each write about how to go about doing Bible Study. The book will be aimed at the Youth Leaders, and over the next year we will give them training as to how to use the book and how to lead the studies.

Group session during the discipling girls seminar with AEC Blantyre Area Council

Improved Bible Study

“These leaders will then train their own youth group and my hope is that, as a result, the youth will be in a better position to do Bible Study than they are now.”

MacDonald sees motivating the Pastors to deliver the right content for the book in a clear and understandable manner as one of his challenges in the short term.

Looking ahead to his first 12 months in post, the book, leading to the delivery of effective Bible Study material and training youth leaders and the youth groups of the AEC, is one of his main goals.

“Within the first 12 months of being in the job, I really do want to see an improvement in how the youth do Bible Study. I want them to be more effective in this work and deepen their knowledge,” he said.

God taking youth ministry forward

So, while there have been changes in the recent past, Pete is looking ahead to another time of change and development, as he and MacDonald continue to build their new partnership.

“I think we are trying to find out how God wants us to take Youth Ministry forward,” Pete said.

“We have been trying to listen to youth leaders on the ground, trying to hear their concerns and looking at ways we can best support what they are trying to do.

Pete and MacDonald meeting with youth pastors in the Lakeshore area

Youth Ministry and SIM’s global vision

“One of the things I have been thinking about and reflecting on is how we do Youth Ministry here in Malawi, and how that aligns with SIM’s global vision for Youth Ministry. SIM International’s mission and purpose statement talks about making disciples of Christ in communities where He is least known.

“I am thinking about how to do that in a Malawian context and how I can be looking for opportunities to reach out to youth outside the Church and in communities where Jesus is least known.”


Pete’s Prayer Points

1. Please pray for the youth of the AEC, that they have a passion for God and that they come to know Jesus personally; also, that they will seek out youth who are outside the church.

2. Please pray for the Youth Leaders, that they see their ministry as more than just running programmes but making disciples.

3. Please pray for me personally, for wisdom to know the direction in which God is wanting to take Macdonald and me forward in this new season for youth ministry.

MacDonald’s Prayer Points

1.  Please pray for strategic thinking and planning to help develop youth leaders in the AEC.

2. Please pray for adequate finances to fund the work we have planned.