Mission takes another step forward


The 2015 Pastors’ Book Set Conference (PBS 2015) was held in the Northern town of Mzuzu. In addition to a week of Bible teaching, some new steps forward for mission in the Malawian Church have been planned

The Pastors’ Book Set Conference (PBS) is an established part of the work of SIM Malawi and its partners. The latest event, PBS 2015, was held between 23-27 November 2015, in the northern town of Mzuzu.

Under the overall banner, again, of ‘Seek first God’s Kingdom’, the conference looked at encouraging the Malawian Church to break out of its dependency on overseas missionaries and look at starting to send Malawian Christians to other countries to spread God’s word.

Watson Rajaratnam, SIM Malawi’s New Initiatives Consultant and one of the organisers of PBS 2015, said: “PBS 2015 was a very successful event, as delegates were motivated, mobilised and challenged to look at missions across the border as something they can be actively involved in. 

“For me three things which stood out as major outcomes of the conference were: 1) the possibility of the Malawian Church looking above and looking within instead of looking abroad for mission support and mission sending; 2) looking at doing business as mission in restrictive nations: and 3) the possibility of the Malawian Church and Malawian Christians breaking out of the receiving mode and moving to a sending mode.

Delegates and speakers outside the conference venuefor PBS 2015

xciting developments

“All of these are major steps forward and will lead to exciting developments in the near future.”

As with previous PBS events, the feeling was that while there was such a strong groundswell of enthusiasm being created, something needed to be done quickly to capture that feeling. PBS 2015 was no different and, already, a series of two-day seminars is being set up to continue the discussions in several key areas.

The topics which will be covered at these two-day events will include:

· Motivation and Selection

· Maintaining Spiritual Vitality on the Mission Field

· Mission Sending (Prayer and Finance)

· The Partnership between Missionary, Church and Agency

· Challenges while Serving in a Multicultural Team/Team Work

· Cross-cultural Communication and Contextualisation

· Missionary Life

“The aim is to bring those who are interested in full-time missionary work, and those who want to send, to the next level in their missionary journey,” said Watson.

Prayer was a vital part of PBS 2015

Working with partners

“We will be holding the meetings in February, March and April, starting in Mzuzu and then visiting Lilongwe and finally Blantyre.

“There are a number of topics we want to discuss in these meetings and then, working with the Malawi Mission Initiative, which came out of PBS 2013 in Lilongwe, we hope to move things further to see Malawi becoming a true sending country for missionaries.”

“In addition to the two-day events we are also having discussions with the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi (EBCoM) about the possibility of introducing a training programme for prospective missionary candidates.

Working with individuals

“It is easy in all of this to start looking at church denominations and other organisations but it is important to remember that it is individuals who will go out of Malawi to be overseas missionaries. With this in mind, a one-to-one mentoring programme is being considered for individuals who are keen to become missionaries,” he said.


The Pastors’ Book Set Conference is supported by SIM Malawi Project

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