Great new opportunities with SIM Malawi


Great new opportunities with SIM Malawi

Think of missionary-sending countries or areas and what immediately springs to mind? Probably Europe and North America; possibly Australia and New Zealand. More recently South Korea which is having a major impact on missionary work world-wide.

SIM Malawi Country Director, Hans-Jörg Richter (left) with Abera Ayele, an Ethiopian missionary who has worked in Pakistan and is now working in China, a good example of a missionary from a new context

SIM Malawi is joining a small group of SIM fields to look to bring in ‘Missionaries from New Contexts’ (MNC); countries from areas such as South America, India and even parts of Africa. So far three SIM fields, Bangladesh, Central-South East Asia and International, offer the MNC Project and SIM Malawi becomes the first in Africa to link in to this important, developing area of work.

The aim of the project is to assist missionaries from new sending countries to come to the field to follow their call from God. As with other missionaries, MNCs will be expected to raise their own personal support but, unlike others, the new project will look to assist in areas such as housing, medical, and so on, should it be necessary.

“We do not want people to think they cannot come out on the mission field because of a lack of resources. Rather, we want to enable missionaries from non-traditional-sending countries and churches with emerging mission movements to take part, with their unique skills and gifts, in the various ministries under SIM Malawi’s mandate,” said Hans-Jörg Richter, SIM Malawi’s Country Director.

Haile Selassie Road is a key hub for Indian-based businesses in Blantyre

“While they may be able to raise funds for their individually agreed, essential support needs, SIM Malawi desires to assist them by covering costs that exceed the basic needs of such missionaries. These needs will vary depending on the country of origin and through which office they will be sent.

“We hope gradually to increase the number of placements of MNCs on our field. The initial project duration of three years will help us to gain experience regarding the co-operation with the various countries, churches and sending offices which will certainly lead to a fine-tuning of the project in the future.”

The new project is not the only new initiative emerging from SIM Malawi; two new ‘Ministry Opportunities’ have also been launched working with specific people groups – but in this case people groups originating from outside Africa.

Blantyre is the commercial capital of Malawi and for many years it has had a large population from the Indian  sub-continent and of people with Indian background. Many of the Indians who have settled in the city run very successful businesses.

 Malawi’s capital Lilongwe has a large Chinese community

Similarly, in Lilongwe, the nation’s capital city, there is a large population of Chinese people, either immediate ex-pats or second generation born in Malawi.

Both of these groups come under the term ‘Diaspora’, and it is with these specific groups that SIM Malawi has opportunities for people to work.

“In both of these cases we are looking for people from the same ethnic background to come and live, work and witness to their fellow countrymen,” said Hans-Jörg.

“In the case of the Indian Diaspora, mainly in Blantyre, there is no church or mission, as far as we can tell, that is working specifically with this group. We think the same is also true of the Chinese in Lilongwe.

“Both of these new Mission Opportunities will allow SIM Malawi to work alongside new sending offices in the SIM world and alongside important groups within the population of Malawi to reach out with the love of God to them and we hope in time, to be able to plant a church or to integrate them into existing churches.”


If you would like to support the new Missionaries from New Contexts project, please quote SIM Malawi Project reference MW 96755