Annual Report shows good year for KINDLE


Annual Report shows good year for KINDLE

KINDLE Director, Dean Stocker, reports

 Kindle Orphan Outreach is a Christian NGO in the Salima District of Malawi. We have two aims: to inspire and support orphans and vulnerable children towards lives of hope, reaching their full potential as compassionate and productive members of society, driven by a vision of community empowerment; and to provide education and support specifically designed to assist guardians to be able adequately to nurture orphaned and vulnerable children within their community.

We do not have an orphanage; instead, we work within the community structures, supporting children within their own families and villages. 

Kindle has a staff of 31 Malawians and four expatriate volunteers. We partner with local village development committees, volunteers, and nearly 100 chiefs.

The Katawa Clinic; rated number one health centre in Salima District

Katawa Community Clinic

Because of the quality of care and the availability of medicines, Katawa Community Clinic draws patients from far outside of the official catchment area that was allotted to us by the district government. The District Health Officer refers to Katawa as the number one health centre in Salima.

Katawa Community Clinic includes provision for malnourished children and HIV-positive adults and children. In 2013 there were 40 children and 257 adults who were regularly taken by a Kindle vehicle to the Salima District to receive anti-retroviral drugs.

There were also approximately 200 malnourished children who were registered each quarter to receive nutritious foods.

Food Security

Kindle has helped to start 16 irrigation clubs that have enabled many farmers have two or three additional harvests during the dry season of 2013, increasing food availability in their homes. Three clubs use solar pumps, and 13 use treadle pumps.

Irrigation clubs are helping farmers and villagers to produce extra harvests of maize

We have also helped many farmers learn how to make compost from animal waste mixed with maize husks and small amount of fertilizer. Fertilizer is the most expensive part of farming in Malawi, so this makes farming much more economical.

Family Life Groups

There are 19 Family Life Groups (FLGs) that are operated by Kindle. Men and women who participate in FLGs discuss several issues including spiritual growth, Bible studies, home management, sexual health and HIV and AIDS.

In addition to their regular activities, there were several special events in 2013. Two FLGs planted a total of 1,500 tree seedlings and, if successful, this exercise will see firewood and pole availability increased and soil erosion decreased.


Kindle is starting to work in Early Childhood Development, supporting a Community-Based Childcare Centre at Mkaka village which was started by a Family Life Group. There are approximately 40 children who attend the childcare centre, and food for the children is provided through Kindle.

In 2013 we supported approximately 70 secondary school students, 30 of whom were in the examination classes of Form 2 and Form 4. In the future, we hope to start vocational training at the Tiwale Centre, which is currently under construction. We also hope to have support available for post-secondary education in 2014.

Youth group meeting under a Baobab Tree

Youth Groups

Our 22 youth groups are engaged in reaching communities with messages about child abuse, HIV/AIDS and the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Youth Group volunteers are also involved in other activities. For example, they have formed a Village Savings and Loan co-operative with the Family Life Group volunteers. This has given them a way to save and earn money.

The Future

There are many challenges that KINDLE faces but  as God provides, there are many more things that we would like to do. For example, we would like to increase the number of treadle pump clubs, build two staff houses at Katawa Clinic, set up vocational training programmes in sewing and carpentry, and purchase a motorcycle for use by Kindle staff and several bicycles for Kindle volunteers.

KINDLE Orphan Outreach is supported by three projects:

MW 96750KINDLE Spiritual and Social Capacity Building

MW 96751Tiwale Centre

MW 96752KINDLE Medicine and Health Supplies

For details of each please visit www.

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