Young “SIMers” – Teaghan (6) goes to village school



Teaghan makes new friends

Teaghan Ong’s Year 1 class at St. Andrew’s School in Blantyre has been learning a unit called ‘There’s no place like home’. Part of that unit included a trip to a nearby local village. Here is what Teaghan has to say about it:

I went to the village, It was fun and interesting. At the village, I saw a village school. When we arrived at the school, the teachers sang a welcome song to welcome us. They danced and it was fun to watch.

The school only had one classroom. The door had a rainbow painted above it. The classroom was a little bit dark because there were no lights. At the end I got to shake the village children’s hands.

I also saw a house and in the house there was a special pot that keeps water cold even when it is hot. The house was made a little bit of bricks and a little bit of mud and they mixed it together. It was a really dark house and there was only a little bit of space, it was a bit squashy.

It rained during our trip and everything was muddy, even our shoes!