Nsanje leader sees work prosper as 12 make decisions



Sports Friends had a good start to the New Year when news came through that 12 young people who had come under its work in Nsanje had made the decision to follow Christ.

For Sports Friends’ leader, Samu Jack (left) this was the culmination of some determined work with the local church.

Reporting on a visit to Nsanje, Sports Friends’ Fostance Mtolo takes up the story:

One of our leaders from Nsanje is named Samu Jack. He was one that we met with in September and he said, “My church does not support me in this and I can’t even get a ball. Should I just give up?” We tried to encourage him but really did not think he would continue in the ministry. But God had other plans.

Soon after our meeting in September, Samu finally won the support of his church leadership and he began by going out and meeting a few boys from his community on a consistent basis. Samu comes from a remote village called Chitsa in central Nsanje.

Over the last few months, Samu Jack has been used by the Holy Spirit and is now seeing God at work in his football ministry. He continues to meet a few times each week with his team and every time he’s with them he coaches them in football, equips them in the Word of God and mentors them to love the Lord and seek the Kingdom first in all things. Now, because of his heart of love, many young people in Chitsa are coming to give their lives to Christ. Not only are they confessing Jesus as Lord but they are also joining the local body of believers. The church is expanding and the elders from his local church were there at theh meeting and to testify and praise God for this ministry. Samu Jack and the elders reported that 12 young people have surrendered their lives to Christ through this sports ministry. Wow!

We understand that we should not focus too much on numbers but this is a reason to rejoice with our brother Samu because 12 individuals who were previously lost are now found by Christ. Glory be to God!
Will you join us in praising God for what He is doing in Nsanje through this Sports Friends Malawi ministry?

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