Follow-up meeting a big step forward from PBS 2013



The Task force set up as a result of PBS 2013

One of the most encouraging outcomes from this year's Pastors' Book Set Conference (PBS) was a resolution to have a follow- up meeting to discuss how the Church in Malawi can take forward the lessons learned from the conference.

This meant that on 24 May a group of around 50 pastors from all over the country and from a number of different denominations met in Lilongwe to discuss matters. As a result, a new Missions Task Force has been set up to look at how Malawi could, potentially become a missionary-sending country.

SIM Malawi Country Director Hans Jörg-Richter said: “lt was very encouraging for all involved in PBS to hear the delegates call for this follow-up meeting and then for so many to attend. The aim of this PBS was to get people to scotch the vision for mission and get involved with the Great Commission' and we hope that through the teaching of our speakers at PBS, and now through the Task Group this will really start to happen across churches in Malawi.”

The PBS itself, which ran from 15-19 April at the Assemblies of God College Sheaffer Hall, proved to be a great success with around 750 delegates in attendance for the five days of teaching.

Audience in rapt attention

Four keynote speakers – Joe Kapolyo from Zambia (Lead Minister, Edmonton Baptist Church, London, UK), Watson Rajratnam from Zambia (SIM Consultant on New initiatives in Zambia), Stephen Bab Panya from Nigeria (Director of Evangelical Missionary Society) and Timothy Olonade, from Nigeria (former Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Evangelical Missions Association) – covered a wide range of topics but kept returning to a central theme of the Malawian Church being ready to get fully engaged in cross-cultural mission, especially such work outside of Malawi’s international borders.

The conference was the culmination of several months’ hard work by a team of people who looked at a range of issues such as registration, acquisition of books, publicity, provision of food for the delegates and so on. Throughout the preparation process and during the week itself, we felt the Hand of God on the conference.

This was illustrated by the fact that one of the 18 books that made up the Book Set was sent from Kenya to Malawi by bus! The book had an exciting journey crossing a number of international borders but all of the boxes arrived safely in Blantyre in good condition and on time!

Perhaps the last word on PBS 2013 should go to one of the delegates who said:

“It has been so challenging and impacting in my life. My eyes are now open and mission focused,. We need more training in Malawi – many theological colleges are not mission focused,” Pastor Mordecai Banda, Truth Revival Church, Ntchea.

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