Living Gospel in a hostile world


Dr Carol Walker, lecturer in Old Testament and Islamic Studies at All Nations Christian College (ANCC) near London, will lead this year’s Spiritual Life Conference, working through the book of Ruth as she helps us look at ‘Living Gospel in a Hostile World’

Each year, SIM Malawi’s Spiritual Life Conference (SLC) offers the opportunity for all the missionaries with the organisation who are in country to meet up for a week of relaxation, Bible study, fun and a time to catch up with friends and colleagues normally spread across the country.

Youth leaders’ return!

This year is no exception, and preparations are well under way for the annual ‘pilgrimage’ to the Kamuzu Academy, near the town of Kasungu in the Central Region.

We are delighted to welcome back some old friends, Stephanie and Carey Willis, who will lead the children’s work. The Willis’ led the children’s program at both the 2012 & 2013 SLCs and, having completed their own time of study at Bible College in Canada, are back again.

For the adults, the theme of the week is ‘Living Gospel in a Hostile World’.

The Book of Ruth

The teaching sessions, which will help us reflect on our spiritual life, will work through the Book of Ruth under the capable guidance of Dr Carol Walker. Currently lecturing in Old Testament and Islamic Studies at All Nations Christian College (ANCC) in the UK, Carol has a wealth of missionary experience in a Muslim context.

Having qualified as PE teacher, she felt called to work in an Islamic context, and therefore studied at ANCC before taking up a post in the UK with the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF).

Missionary Partner

Continuing to follow her calling to work in an Islamic context, she then became a missionary partner with Interserve, and spent ten years working in Pakistan seconded from that organisation to The Bible Correspondence School, a nationwide cooperative project (inter-church, inter-denominational, inter-mission) with 5 centres, and also working alongside students through Pakistan Fellowship of Evangelical Students (PFES).

Kamuzu Academy home of SLC2106

Feeding heart and soul

Later her work took her to the Middle East, during which time she completed an MA, and then eventually back to the UK to ANCC and the completion of her PhD, for which her dissertation was ‘Not Just Decoration: Rhetoric and Women Characters in Selected Biblical and Quranic Texts’.

Dr Walker said: “My plan is to take us through the Book of Ruth, particularly picking up on the wonderful blend which feeds heart and soul and mind in the Book of Ruth: on the one hand it speaks to the heart through the narrative’s account of people in relationship while, on the other, it explores and expands great biblical themes. 

Inspires, informs, critiques

It is a book that ministers to us in personal ways, but also inspires, informs and critiques the way we live and minister.”

SLC this year will be between 25-30 July.

Please hold up the preparations and the event in prayer as we look forward to our journey through the small, but crucial book of Ruth with an experienced and well travelled guide